Using a child-placing agency to mediate an adoption is considered a private adoption because it does not involve a public or government entity.  With an agency adoption, the agency will take temporary custody of the child. Though the adoptive family will have physical custody of the child, the agency will retain legal custody until finalization. This period between placement of the child with the adoptive family and finalization of the adoption is intended to be an adjustment period that allows the agency and adoptive family to address any problems which may arise with the placement. If necessary, the agency can retake physical custody of the child and do a different placement without the foster care system becoming involved. 

Agencies provide support for both birth parents and adoptive families. When both parties are ready, the agency presents them to each other, allowing both to get to know and choose the other party.  They are then considered matched and placement can occur then if the child is born or  when the child is delivered and they required time has passed according to the laws of the state governing that adoption.  

 Support generally include the following: 

Birth Parents Services:  

  • Evaluation of options, consultation. 
  • Adoption planning and relinquishment/placement coordination.  
  • Counseling, adoption related and life counseling, mental health therapy 
  • Housing, utilities, phone services 
  • Food, clothing, other personal needs. 
  • Travel and transportation related to the adoption. 
  • Case-manager support and coordination with medical providers. 
  • Support and other assistance during post placement confinement period. 

Agency Fee including Adoptive Family Services:  

  • Advertising, location of birthparents 
  • Adoptive family application and file set-up, education, support. 
  • Presentation to and match with birthparents, support of match. 
  • Support of adoptive family in hospital and coordination with medical services. 
  • Relinquishment of parental rights and placement with adoptive parents in Utah 
  • Notification of birth father/husband if needed, paternity search(s), and coordination with legal counsel for determination of birthfather rights in Utah.  
  • Reduction of financial risk. 
  • Court order of Determination of Parental rights if required by the finalization state. 
  • Completion of Interstate Compact for Placement of Children if needed. 
  • Post placement supervision and support. 
  • Coordination with adoptive family legal advisor for finalization. 
  • Representation or agency consent for finalization. 
  • Coordination between adoptive parents and birthparents for exchange of information.