Services For Birth Parents

Eternal Family Adoptions offer services to birth parents to make this difficult experience something they can remember with peace.

To do this, we offer two options.  The first allows them to stay where they are currently living.  The second allows them to come to Utah where we have apartments and extensive support to help them in the latter part of their pregnancy. 

We provide emotional support for all expectant women from the first time they contact us.  We can also assist financially in the last trimester of pregnancy and for a short time after delivery.  We do this as follows:

In Utah

About 60% of our birth mothers come to Utah to deliver and place their child for adoption.

  • We often fly them to Utah where they live in our furnished apartments and receive extensive support.
  • They have a case manager and counselor who see them several times a week.
  • They receive a weekly allowance to assure proper nutrition and other needs are met.
  • They have activities weekly along with holidays and social events to stay connected.
  • We take them to the medical doctor regularly to assure they get good medical care.
  • Most importantly, we help them find an adoptive family who they will love and who will love them in return.

Out of State

We also support women who stay where they are currently living.

  • They are assigned a case manager who is available 24/7 for support.
  • We help them with housing, food, clothing, and other pregnancy related expenses.
  • We provide counseling on the phone and arrange for a counselor to see them in person when appropriate.
  • And, of course, we match them with a great family.
  • At the time of delivery, we either fly there to support them and the family during delivery and placement, or we contract with a local social worker and attorney or an agency to provide support.