Notes of Encouragement

Eternal Family Adoption
Notes of Encouragement

We believe the family is ordained of God. Adoption is a beautiful gift of life and love from birth families to adoptive families, divinely guided by our loving Heavenly Parents. The mission of EFA is to provide adoption resources, education, and guidance to members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and all those who center their lives around the teachings of Jesus Christ and His promise of eternal families.

A meaningful and personal way you can help is by writing notes of encouragement for our clients and caseworkers.

Before you get started, here are a few guidelines:

  • On your notes, please only sign you first name, not your last.
  • Please leave the envelops unsealed.
  • Please keep in mid that we serve clients  from a variety of faith backgrounds that may be different from yours and that their reason for choosing adoption vary as well.
  • If you have children, please get them involved in making artwork and writing notes too.

Ready to write?  Below are groups to choose from, along with a few template notes of encouragement to get your creative juices flowing.

Couples in the process of adoption a child through EFA.

  • You are persevering. What a story of love you will have to share with your child.
  • Step by step and day by day, you are closer to meeting your child.  What a day that will be.
  • You are cared about and thought of today.

EFA Caseworkers

  • Thank you for all the ways you care for your clients.  You are making a difference.
  • Thank you for the unpredictable hours you work, in order to support your clients whenever they need you.  It means so much.
  • Have the best day ever! You’re creating bright futures.

You can mail notes to Eternal Family Adoptions:

9673 S 700 E Sandy, UT 84070

Thank you not only for having a compassionate heart, but also for putting your compassion into action.  We, and most importantly, the clients we serve, are grateful.. You are making a difference.