Services For Adoptive Families

You want us to help you bring a child into your family through adoption.  That is our goal, as well.  We are able to do that for nearly all the families who work with us.  However, we want to do this in a wy that reduces the angst and drama of this process.  We can’t take it all away, but hopefully the following practices will help.

1. We keep up – front cost low so you can work with multiple groups to find your child.  We allow and encourage your to apply to other places even when your are working with us.  we just ask that you let us know if you are matched elsewhere so you aren’t considered for more than one birthmother at a time.

2. We try to be transparent about our fees and services.  you will know up front what the costs are for any situation, we charge a flat fee that bundles all services together, so you don’t have to sorry about any unforeseen costs.  The only possible exception to this is medical costs.  We can’t control those but those but will give you a good idea and will do all we can to minimize them.


3.  We try to take good care of your birth mother.  As much as we can, we assure she gets medical attention, provide finances for housing, food, and other necessities.  We try to provide the means for her to carry your child to term and be healthy in the process.  We also want her to feel cared about and appreciated.

4.  We help you have control over deciding who you are presented to.  We want to know what you are looking for and provide you as much information as we can to help you make a good decision for your family.

5.  We support the process of you getting to know your birthparent through conference calls and visits.

6.  We provide support at the hospital and throughout the placement process.  We always do this in Utah, and wherever we can if the birth is in any other state.

7.  We try to assure the adoption complies with every states’ laws and reduces the legal risk wherever we can to assure your child stays with you.

8.  We provide support and education after placement, as you navigate the best way to communicate with your birth parents.  We provide support for post-placement communication.  Part of this will be a new program called HeartsConnect.  This will be a free service to all EFA families.

For More Information

Please contact Darla