Strengthening Eternal Families through Adoption

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We believe the family is ordained of God and that adoption is a beautiful gift, guided by loving Heavenly Parents. Birth parents, adoptive families, and children in orphanages abroad share in this divine process of life and love, bonding hearts and growing families in a special way.

Our Mission

The mission of Eternal Family Adoptions is to provide adoption resources, education, and guidance to members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and all who center their lives around the teachings of Jesus Christ and His promise of eternal families.

Gathering Place

Join with others who have or plan to be involved with adoption. Adoptive Families, Birth parents, Adoptees and others. Share stories and learn from each other.


Learn about adoption through orientation, forums, blogs, articles, classes, courses, podcasts, and support groups.

Adoptions Services

Working in conjunction with other agencies we connect adoptive families with birth parents who are ready to place and with children living in orphanages abroad who are eligible for adoption.


We invite you to support adoptions in general. You may donate to a specific purpose, to birth mother programs, or to an adoptive family.


After you have had spiritual impressions to become an adoptive family, starting the journey may feel overwhelming.
Here are a few things to think about in regards to the different types of adoption.

What Others Say

Adoptive Families

You led us to the right agency for our family for our adoption of our sweet daughter. Their history with our birth mom is why she felt comfortable calling and placing with them a third time. We praise God for the comfort our birth mother has with them. She knows they are safe and will not judge.
Chris and Crystal


We cannot think of a better cause to donate to than this. We love to support the placement of children into great families that will care for them forever, help adoptive families with the finances, and serve birth parents trying to do the very best for their children.

Birth Parents

Everyone at Heart to Heart has been more than helpful, very nice, and extremely supportive during this entire process. Not only are they professional with their work but they are fun to be around and easy to relate to. I would absolutely recommend working with Heart to Heart to anyone considering adoption. No matter what background you come from or whatever situation you are in I’m confident they can make the best of the most difficult situation.


God loves all His children. Children are an heritage of the Lord (Psalms 127:3).

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