Your profile is of great importance.   Typically, a birth mother will form her initial impressions of you from your profile. While the creation of a profile does take effort, the time, care and concern that you invest in the preparation of the profile will come across to a birth mother. Birth mothers have related to us that profiles that are concise, well though-out, organized, and lovely convey to them the sincerity and deep desire of a couple who wishes to adopt.



  • Prepare your profiles together and talk about one another.
  • Don’t date your profile.
  • Express gratitude for what the birthparents are giving up.
  • Talk about why you wish to adopt and what it means to you.
  • Describe your desires to be parents in different ways.
  • Talk openly about your feelings, your home, neighborhood, and pets. This will make it come alive.
  • Talk briefly about your educational background and your wishes for this child’s education. The birth mother needs to know your views on education, as education is very often of major importance to the birth mother.
  • Talk briefly about your hobbies, interests and celebrations.
  • Describe your families, extended families, and friends, and their support of your decision to adopt.
  • If you have been married or together for a long time, mention that fact. Stability is important to birth mothers.
  • More pictures, less words are a good guideline.

Your choice of paper and print is also important.  Please type or have the profile printed in a clear print. Cursive writing, unless done by computer, is harder to read. Most people have their profile bound into a book.  There are many programs that can do that.  Many birth mothers treasure these profiles and save them over a lifetime, as they may be a tangible reminder of the adoptive couple to whom she has entrusted her child.

Be creative!   Sometimes using a theme can make your profile stands out.

Please include a clear, close-up picture of you.  If you have other children, include them in the picture. If you have a pet that is an integral part of your life, you should also include pictures of that pet.  Wearing casual clothing is sometimes preferable, as it helps the birth mother to relate and feel comfortable about you.

Intersperse additional pictures throughout the profile. You may want to include pictures of your home, area parks, the local school, friends and relatives, and special activities that you enjoy (i.e., Vacations, camping trips, trips to the beach, etc.)  It looks nice to put captions or notes on each picture to help explain the photos. Any personal touch or creativity helps.

At the bottom of the profile, you should list your first names and sign each profile personally.  Include our number, i.e. “If you are interested in speaking with us, please contact___________________your representative’s number.” 

 We do not recommend putting your personal phone numbers on your profile.