An independent adoption occurs directly between the birth family and the adoptive family without a child-placing agency taking interim custody. Birth parents and adoptive parents, connect with each other, decide they want to work together, then hire an attorney to prepare documents allowing the birth parents to relinquish their parental rights directly to their chosen adoptive family.   
Ways of Connecting 
Kinship Adoption: This is commonly done between members of a family. An example is when a birth mother relinquishes her rights to her child to her parents, giving all the rights and  responsibilities of the child to that child’s grandparents. Though temporary custody arrangements can be made between members of the family, in an adoption, birth parents  permanently relinquish all parental rights and allow the child to be adopted by the family member using an attorney or agency to complete all legal documents.  
Friends or Acquaintance Adoptions: This is done when birth parents choose to place the child with a neighbor, friend, or acquaintance without assistance from an adoption agency. In these situations an attorney who understands adoption laws and procedures can prepare the relinquishment paperwork and assist with finalization.   
Facilitated Adoptions: There are many entities, whose primary purpose is to connect hopeful adoptive parents with women placing children for adoption.  These groups include: 
 Online websites- which present Adoptive Parent Profiles.  Birth parents can view these hopeful adoptive families and contact them directly. 
Attorneys- who know both parties and connect them together.  
Facilitators-  unlicensed adoption service providers who advertise for both adoptive families and birth parents and match them together without providing additional services. 
Consultants- groups who work with adoptive families, preparing them to adopt, then refer them to adoption agencies that can help find a child and provide supportive services.   
Others- With the help of technology and networking, there continue to be groups and individuals who use various means to connect adoptive families and birth parents, with or without a fee or supportive services.